Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Moon-Full Moon

The Moon is the natural satellite of our planet Earth .Generally the Moon is 384 400km far from the Earth,its speed is about 3700 km/h.It circle rounds on an elliptic orbit around the Earth.It takes its way in 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 2,8 seconds in the Solar system.This is exactly a moon period.It has many figures on its surface but the most spectaculars are the craters.These were arisen by meteorite impacts.The biggest crater is called Bailly it is 270 diameters.

During full Moon policemen,fire brigades,paramedics and ambulance are on much more standby than normally.It is because the effect of the Moon can be felt much more then usually.It influences people, animal, plants. The most conspicuous effect is insomnia. Many people and animal seems to be anxious at this time. The natural water level is become higher than it is normally and plants filled with water. It is useful to drink more water during full moon because it is the best time for capacity for receiving. According to folk experiences at full Moon we can get the best of ourselves in a physical and in a spiritual level.
So it is the best time for magickal practise.

The Moon as it can be seen from the Earth

The other side of the Moon

Friday, 6 August 2010

Pagan Camp - August (Corn Moon) 13-15.

Dear Everyone!

With great pleasure do I present you the first Pagan Camp organized by the Witchblood Community, that will be held betweenAugust (Corn Moon) 13-15.

Where: Yurt Camp, Opusztaszer, Hungary

The camp will be held at the yurt camp at Opusztaszer, Hungary. Those taking part will be sleeping in authentic nomadic yurts (6 people / yurt). The camp is set up just like an ancient nomadic village, thus it's traditional atmosphere is ideal to discover and experience Pagan spirituality and magick first hand. The yurts are open above, so in the night we can look up to the stars, and listen to the soothing sounds of nature, and the horses around the camp.


Our goal at the camp is for everyone to experience Pagan spirituality, to learn about Paganism and magick, and to build personal relationships with people with similar interests. The Pagan Camp is first and foremost about spirituality - we are gathering at this sacred site to maintain our relationship with the Gods, and the spirits.

The first day will be about getting to know each other, although already on this day there will be lectures and workshops where you can participate. When the evening comes, we will sit around the campfire talking, telling stories, playing music, dancing and singing.

On the second day we honor an ancient tradition by holding a ritual for the Gods - this will be the "spiritual climax" of the camp. Our ancestors used to celebrate the Goddess Diana on this day, and the first harvest - a celebration that was recognized everywhere where the Roman Empire was present. We revived this tradition last year with a major ritual, and this year we will celebrate in the camp. During the day we will prepare ourselves for the rite during a set of exercises, tasks, and lectures. At night we continue our celebration around the campfire.

The third and final day is about wrapping up, and saying our farewells. After the last lectures we hold a short closing ritual, pack our stuff and leave.

An incomplete list of activities:

- Opening Ritual
- Sacred drumming and spiritual journey
- On Paganism, the Spirits and the Gods (lecture by Cornelius)
- On the Significance of Ritual - (lecture by Cornelius)
- Lectures about magick
- Pagan songs and chants
- Martial arts and magickal exercises in the morning
- Creative spiritual tasks
- Purifying Labyrinth
- Harvest Ritual
- Leaping of the Fire
- Closing Ritual

Who may come?

Everyone is welcome who is interested in the Pagan spiritual paths and magick. We are open-minded people - all we ask from you is to be one too. :)

Under 18 parental persmission is required.

What should you bring?

Besides basic stuff (clothing, towel, etc.) you should bring:

- A sheet to keep you warm
- Warm clothing for the night (the yurts don't have heating!)
- Drum and/or instrument (if you can play ;)
- Ritual attire - if you have - if you don't, choose something simple to wear just for the ritual. During the camp we welcome you to wear ritual clothes, or any kind of traditional clothing that adds to the camp's atmosphere.
- Pen and notebook

Other things to know...

In the camp there is electricity, a fridge, and a place to take a shower.


10.000 HUF / Person (around 35 EUR / 45 USD) - The price is for the whole camp, food included.

If you are coming, you need to arrange transportation for yourself to Budapest, Hungary, we will meet you there.

Sign up before July 23. 2010!

How to sign up:

Sign up by Cornelius or at the following email address: When you sign up, we ask you to pay 6000 HUF / 20 EUR / 25 USD by PayPal. The rest shall be paid on the site.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Blessed Be!