Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Interview with Raymond Buckland

Raymond Buckland
author, Wiccan HP,

Dear Mr Buckland,

Can I ask you a few questions about Wicca what we may publish on our websites?

-Sure, Atomm. Let me have the questions and I'll try to answer them.

-What made you a Wiccan?
-It was after reading the books of Margaret Murray and Gerald Gardner that I decided to become a Witch. I found that what witches believe, practice, and hold dear were things that mattered to me.

-Can you name any particular person who really inspired you to became a Wiccan?
-Gerald Gardner was the person who truly inspired me.
-Have you ever met Gerald Gardner in life?
Yes, I knew Gerald Gardner when he was alive. It was he who had me initiated and who asked me to bring Wicca to the united States, which I did in 1963.

-I really would like to know what you think about reincarnation.
I very much believe in reincarnation. It makes so much sense, to me. I can't believe that we are on this earth for so short a time - many dying extremely young - for no purpose. There have been too many case studies of apparent past life memories to be ignored. It just makes sense to me.

-What makes Seax-Wicca different to other Wiccan traditions? Who do they train people in Seax-Wicca?
There are several differences with Seax-Wica. The main ones are that it is a much more democratic form of coven than elsewhere, with every member having the opportunity to be a coven leader, plus the ability to Self-Initiate. (See all the details in my book) There are many covens that train in Seax-Wicca but since, as I've said, it allows for self-initiation, then anyone can basically start from scratch, following the rites and rituals and full details in my book.

-Do you personally believe in angels?
Much depends on your definition of angel. Some call to them as being one's Higher Self. I don't see them as separate and distinct from the progressed spirits of earth entities from previous lifetimes.

-Do you personally believe in dragons?
I like to believe in dragons, yes. I feel that there are so many legends and stories of dragons found around the world, in all cultures, that there must be a grain of truth there.

-I think a lot of people who will read this little interview would like to know what
Raymond Buckland does, when he has got free time. Have you got any hobbies?
Free time? Not much of that, I'm afraid. I used to fly ultralight aircraft but these days I drive what I view as "special" cars. I enjoy music and, with my wife, we have a musical group that meets and plays together once a month. We live on a small farm in the country and love the simple country life. Writing is my profession but also my passion.

Thank you for your answers!

Thank you for your time answering my questions.
I'll personally translate them and will make sure, they'll published
on the following website:
-Bright blessings to you, Atomm, in love and light.


Atomm A Agramma

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