Saturday, 23 June 2012

A technique for protection from ghosts and other maleficent entities

It is important that you need to do it during daytime. The first thing you need is to make a glass of holy water. When you have it in your hands you can start the process in that room where you spend most of your time. After you have done with it repeat those steps (see below) around rest of your rooms and your house (kitchen, lounge, utility room, hallway, loft, bathroom, etc.).

This technique is based on my own experiences and is not related to any particular religions. In most cases it just works well. If you keep the original link of the author this post can be freely used or published, no permission needed.

Steps of my technique are as follows:
  1. Making of a glass of holy water :) It's very simple. Take a glass which was previously cleaned with vinegar (please avoid using any other cleaning stuffs such as sanitiser, detergent, washing up liquid, etc.), with the volume of 200 or 300 mls. Fill it with cold or lukewarm tapwater. Now take the salt cellar and the glass and place them next to each other on a stable surface. Now take a sharp knife and have it ready to use a bit later on. Your knife must be cleaned with vinegar. Put some salt into the glass of water. Repeat it three times. Grab the knife and stir the water with it seven times while you are saying the following spell: "I sanctify this water in the name of the Goddes and God! So mote it be!" - Now you completed the first step and as a result you should have a glass of holy water ready to be used.
  2. Puryfiing yourself with holy water. It is easy to do. All you have to do is just pick a pinch of your holy water and spinkle it to your body. Starting with your face (close your eyes to protect them), then your body and finaly your legs. 
  3. Preparing your room to sanctify: Give a very good clean to the entire room. Do the dusting, open the windows for a little while and enjoy some fresh air coming in. Take out all unneeded objects and protect the paper-based ones (papers, books, folders, etc.). Stay in mind that cleaning must be done on the same day when you sanctify your room. Take a packet of flour and place it to an easily accessible place of the room (as you need it to complete step 5). 
  4. Sanctifying the room. Go to the centre of the room with the glass in your hand. Now sprinkle the floor with the holy water by walking as you would walk if there was a spiral shape on the floor. While you are sprinkling the floor say the following spell: "I sanctify this place with this holy water in the name of the Goddess! So mote it be!
  5. Using flour to protect your room. Just strew some of your flour to your windows and thresholds or any other entrances of the room including the vents. It is better if the flour is invisible for the naked eyes. You should take just a little amount of it, than spread it on your palm. Strewing from the left to the right only! Be careful, you can only use as much flour as much you have it on your palm. If you run out of flour in the middle of the process you have to start all over again so make sure you have enough flour to strew. While you are scattering it chant this spell: "In the name of the God, on this gate now I deny all maleficent entities to enter! So mote it be!" - repeat this spell on each entrances.
Holy water is believed to expulses wicked entities, flour gives protection from them.

If you sanctify all the places of your house on a regular basis it is more than enough to protect the entrances by flour as detailled above. I recommend to repeat the whole process in steps in every 3 or 6 months. Remember to sanctify your house is to be done only during daytime. Make sure nobody can see you while you are doing that!

Blessed Be!
Assarte D'Raven - special thanks for the English version to Meredith and Atomm

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chemical wedding

Upon entering a VR machine, Professor Oliver Haddo, a modern Cambridge scholar, becomes possessed by the spirit of the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, as the machine's program has been corrupted by a former follower of Crowley. Resurrected 50 years after his death, Crowley begins his occult practices anew, seeking a new "scarlet bride" whom he can marry in an occult ceremony which
will increase his power.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

If you see snow everywhere around

Some of our garden friends have nothing to eat.

Think about them
And make sure others will think about them, too!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Great News

Dear Followers,

I'm glad to let you know, that we are about to improve.
We are working on our new webpage for your satisfaction very hard.
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Bright Blessings
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dionysus -Aleister Crowley

I bring ye wine from above,
From the vats of the storied sun;
For every one of yer love,
And life for every one.
Ye shall dance on hill and level;
Ye shall sing in hollow and height
In the festal mystical revel,
The rapurous Bacchanal rite!
The rocks and trees are yours,
And the waters under the hill,
By the might of that which endures,
The holy heaven of will!
I kindle a flame like a torrent
To rush from star to star;
Your hair as a comet’s horrent,
Ye shall see things as they are!
I lift the mask of matter;
I open the heart of man;
For I am of force to shatter
The cast that hideth -Pan!
Your loves shall lap up slaughter,
And dabbled with roses of blood
Each desperate darling daughter
Shall swim in the fervid flood.
I bring ye laughter and tears,
The kisses that foam and bleed,
The joys of a million years,
The flowers that bear no seed.
My life is bitter and sterile,
Its flame is a wandering star.
Ye shall pass in pleasure and peril
Across the mystic bar
That is set for wrath and weeping
Against the children of earth;
But ye in singing and sleeping
Shall pass in measure and mirth!
I lift my wand and wave you
Through hill to hill of delight :
My rosy rivers lave you
In innermost lustral light..
I lead you, lord of the maze,
In the darkness free of the sun;
In spite of the spite that is day’s
We are wed, we are wild, we are one.

At Shigar Baltistan.