Saturday, 21 September 2013

Autumn Equinox Blessings

Dear Followers,The time of harvesting has come to it's end. We may have to remember now to collect all the beautiful fruits of our hard work. It is the time of the year working hard and thinking about our rewards we soon shall obtain.
Let's observe how changes around us representing the power of the universe:
-Have I gathered enough for the long winter?
-Am I ready to take proud of the amount of all my harvested crops?
-Am I ready to let myself to take a good rest as a reward of my hard work?

Autumn truly present it's decreasing forces of Nature by showing many different colours all around us.

Let's celebrate Mother Earth and accept her as our prime source of knowledge.

It is an HD image so you can download it for wallpaper :)

I wish you a Blessed Autumn Equinox
with Love and Light!


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