Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Alere flammam

The night flowing so easily like
Glowing waves by the riverside,
Where hearts placed high, as stars upon
The crown o' Lord, the golden Throne.

Among willows they kindle fire,
Nine woods be here to feed the pyre.
Their foreheads adorned with the star,
Skyclad they stand, all ports afar.

The Moon is full, Her face ablaze,
Beneath silver charm stops the raze
The crazed, the blind, the wicked man,
Her light always be here, to lend.

People stunned all, gazing in awe,
From cradle, window and the grave,
Seeing their faith in the firmament
'tis conjures up great yearn and repent.

Mortals like stars, myriad point
Of gleaming-fading hope; "Anoint
them all, o Gods! With Love and Light!"
There are no other greater mights.

Old songs echoing by the shore,
Her chosen Circle makes the choir;
They sing what no one knoweth, alas!
" 'Be Perfect Love, and Perfect Trust. "

Dorek Todd