Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Finding our True Self, Meditation, Inner Light shall be our guide

Have you ever felt lost in our society? 

Or your brain being overloaded with information which cannot be even acknowledged? Having difficulties making decision? In the modern world everyday life can be a struggle if you are put under stress yet still be expected to perform your best. People tend to kept busy working, dealing with their finances, running businesses, looking after children or relatives in need, doing their shopping, etc. These people could find themselves lost and neglected, bumped out.
A precious thing is quite often forgotten to bear in mind which really seamed:
-Putting yourself as a top priority. The True you, Your True Self, the Inner Self who speaks trough your emotions and desires. Who guides you on your path, helping you to distinguish right and wrong.

Where can you find your Inner Self? 

It is easy. What you only need to do is have a "me-time" where is very quiet. When you have nothing to do. You can also make yourself time for that. You should be relaxed and let your thoughts, fears worries go and get out of your head. What need to be achieved is the state of an empty mind is free from stimulations and thoughts. It is just you and your Inner Self or Supreme Self. Some people find lighting candles and incenses in a darkened room. That could help you to get in that state of mind. Just be patience, take your time. Once you get there, celebrate the moment and enjoy your own company.

Remember, finding your true self and spend time with is a privilege. 

Especially in a world where most of the people are busy dealing with everyday life. Being able to communicate with your True Self and having balance, harmony in life go hand in hand. The more time you spend with yourself the more healthy and happy you are. It has magical effect on everyday life. For instance you are starting to notice some good changes around you such as a new job comes along, illnesses cured, more nice people come to help you, wining gifts or lottery, etc.
You can witness miracles like to be able to be self-aware which will allow you to find outstanding ideas hidden in the back of your mind, like international bestsellers, or inventions, etc. Making decisions gets easy. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel, you realise who you are and why you are there.
Finally you see the perfect picture of your life and how it should be. Now you have the power forming your own life on your own way. It is easy and fun.
Getting to know your Inner Self is an adventure, a journey where being confronted with your own qualities. In order to succeed in life and be happy you must know yourself. It is a guide. A really helpful one and always at hand. You only need to discover how to use it. Let me demonstrate these things above through on

a true life experience:

-Eve has been working as a hairdresser for three years. She is pretty successful, has excellent references, her customers love her and keep her busy. Now she has an opportunity to her master degree.
She has a dilemma because her parents want her to get to university and get a degree in law. It is important to her family as they have a law firm so Eve could join them. So Eve not sure what to do. She will make 30 minutes to herself and gets to the state of mind when she can ask herself what is the best thing to do. Seeks advice from her True Self. When she has finished she had life-changing recognitions.  She realised that going to the university would not be her choice. If she chose uni she would live her parents life not her own. She got the answers for her questions. Having known the fact of her success of her current carrier she sticks to it and get a master degree in hair dressing because is certain that it is her path which is right for her and can be happy with it.

Step by step guide:

Relax, make sure no-one disturbs you,
Empty your mind, and focus on your own thoughts,
Listen to your Inner Voice, take time to understand it,
Follow, what ever the advice may be.
Teach others the technique so you'll have happier people around. :)

Meredith A Stonewell

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