Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nepal needs You. 5 ways you can help

Dear Friend,

We are experiencing terrible times. I know you want to help and you can.
But before you open your wallet you have to think.

Making difference you really have to use your energies as efficiently as possible.

1. Sending food, blankets, clothes is always a great idea.

But be very careful. Sometimes that cost more time and money to send them to worth doing that at all.

So unless you pay for getting your donations delivered or find a reliable organisation to do so it's better just to send money.

2. Sending Money

is a great way helping people. But you have to remember even the top charities will take some money off for admin/delivery/banking fees before that gets to those in needs. However it's still probably the most efficient way of helping. Transferring money these days only take seconds.

3. Remind others to help.

It's free and only needs seconds, too. But remember it's not enough talking about it. Some people still have to open their wallets. You can mention Nepal Victims in conversations or share this article in social media.
It's easy to do and costs you nothing.

4. Carefully chose what charity or organisation you work with.

There are always scammers and people will take a huge cut of donations before delivering them. Only work with registered charities/organisations. Think Twice.

5. If you decided to help: Act Now.

Some people want to help but will never do it. Some will forget and will never donate at the end.
Nepal victims need help immediately. Every second counts.

You can Donate Right Here, right now. You only need your credit card and less than a minute to help.

Thank you!

Order of the Golden Dragons

Friday, 23 January 2015

"Have a nice weekend" - And other good wishes!

These words are often not taken seriously. 

Many people think that wishing well is simply formality without any specific meaning. Well, it is true in some cases. But we can not afford wasting our time saying meaningless words. So I really suggest you either doing that the right way or not saying anything if you don't mean it. You really have to be consequent in communication, right? Positive thoughts create positive events in your life. If you seriously wish someone good voice it to the individual rather than saying clich├ęd phrases.

Wish something that person really would like to hear. 

 If you say, "Have a nice weekend!" that could be on expression of courtesy and kindness what is nice but you can do better. If you really wish to do it right try to express yourself using your own words. That supposed to be something precisely formulated. Try something like this: I wish you had a good rest this the weekend. You well deserved it. Or: -I wish you had very good luck this weekend findig your true love.

 You can be a bit more precise on other occasions, too: 

 Ex .: instead of wishing "Happy Birthday", you could say:
Congratulations for getting wiser and even more beautiful
! I wish you the most pleasant day of your life! 
I wish all your dreams come true on this special day Good luck!

 I wish you all the best. I mean it ;)
Thomas Stonewell