Friday, 23 January 2015

"Have a nice weekend" - And other good wishes!

These words are often not taken seriously. 

Many people think that wishing well is simply formality without any specific meaning. Well, it is true in some cases. But we can not afford wasting our time saying meaningless words. So I really suggest you either doing that the right way or not saying anything if you don't mean it. You really have to be consequent in communication, right? Positive thoughts create positive events in your life. If you seriously wish someone good voice it to the individual rather than saying clich├ęd phrases.

Wish something that person really would like to hear. 

 If you say, "Have a nice weekend!" that could be on expression of courtesy and kindness what is nice but you can do better. If you really wish to do it right try to express yourself using your own words. That supposed to be something precisely formulated. Try something like this: I wish you had a good rest this the weekend. You well deserved it. Or: -I wish you had very good luck this weekend findig your true love.

 You can be a bit more precise on other occasions, too: 

 Ex .: instead of wishing "Happy Birthday", you could say:
Congratulations for getting wiser and even more beautiful
! I wish you the most pleasant day of your life! 
I wish all your dreams come true on this special day Good luck!

 I wish you all the best. I mean it ;)
Thomas Stonewell