'Marigolds have been used dating back to ancient times. They have  remarkable medicinal properties.

Not all marigolds are created equal.  Marigold you find in most home gardens is of the tagetes variety, which are purely ornamental. The marigold variety that delivers health benefits beyond any Placebo Effect is calendula.

One of the traditional uses of the leaves has been to make washes for sore eyes for which it had been been used for centuries as an anti-septic eye wash, maybe already in ancient Egypt.

The flowers were applied to cuts and wounds to stop bleeding, prevent infection and speed healing. Calendula was also used for various women's ailments, and to treat a number of skin conditions. During wars, calendula flowers would be used on the battlefields in open wounds, and they were used in dressing wounds to promote healing. Calendula also was used in this way during World War I.

Other uses have included treatment for colds, fevers, coughs, wounds, infections, rashes, and wasp and bee stings. But be cautioned that calendula can affect the menstrual cycle and should not be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding. It can have also other side effects.

So, please check with your GP and complementary medicine practitioner before you start using any medical herbs.
When you get green light to use it, great! You can use it now in many ways and for a lot of different ailments. Just have a look:
  • Taken internally Calendula tincture as well as tea is utilized within the management of digestive inflammation as well as gastric or even duodenal ulcers.
  • Calendula tea encourages discharge of bile through the gall-bladder which helps with the relief of gall-bladder issue.
  • Calendula extract as well as tea is utilized to detoxify the entire body.
  • Calendula tea causes urination.
  • Calendula tea might help reinforce the defense mechanisms
  • Calendula oil has got anti-fungal action and is also utilized for athlete’s foot,
  • Calendula tincture is utilized to assist reduce menstrual pains.
  • Calendula is additionally utilized to encourage normal menstruation cycle
  • Calendula is utilized to deal with menopausal symptoms.
  • Calendula oil as well as tinctures has got anti-bacterial and also antiviral actions.
  • Calendula is utilized for the treatment of wounds and sores.
  • Calendula includes calendulozide B which has sedative as well as anti-ulcer activity.
  • Calendula assists promote the collagen production as well as wound healing.
  • Calendula is fantastic for first-aid management of minor burns and also scalds
  • Calendula is utilized to deal with scorpion and also bee stings,
  • Calendula oil can be used to deal with ear infection and also pain…
  • Calendula oil can be used to deal with diaper rash
  • Gargle Calendula tea to alleviate a sore throat as well as inflammations within the mouth.
  • Calendula is utilized to encourage the circulation of blood as well as promotes perspiring.
  • Calendula is utilized to treat varicose veins, external bleeding, capillary engorgement and hepatic congestion.
  • Calendula tincture is usually recommended within the management of fever and flu
  • Calendula tea is additionally utilized as eye wash for eye sores.
  • Calendula can also be believe to assist fight as well as treat cancer
  • Calendula oil whenever utilized topically has got anti-inflammatory attributes that may avoid infection of minor skin wounds; it may also decrease itching as well as swelling of insect bites as well as rashes and is also calming to sunburns, and minor burns.
  • Calendula oil is helpful for those who have sensitive skin, since it is extremely mild as well as calming.
  • Calendula oil is effective on the swelling of sprained muscles since it boosts the circulation of blood on the affected areas.
  • Calendula oil is useful for the treatment of varicose veins, leg ulcers, and chilblains. Chillblains occur when the hands and feet are in contact with intense moisture and cold. The hands and feet can swell up with this particular condition and could be quite agonizing.
  • Calendula oil has got anti-fungal qualities and is also perfect for dealing with athlete’s foot, ringworm, and jock itch.
  • Calendula oil boosts collagen levels, therefore avoiding the development of scar tissue.
  • Calendula extracts happen to be shown to assist in dealing with hemorrhoids.
  • Calendula oil calms nipples which are sore from prolonged breastfeeding periods.
  • Calendula oil whenever utilized straight to the ear can help to eliminate earache and also the tea is useful in dealing with ear infections.
  • Rinsing using a calendula tea can deal with the inflammation of mouth sores as well as ulcers and could be very useful after dental work
  • Gargling using the calendula tea might help calm sore throats as well as tonsillitis
  • Calendula can deal with digestion simply by healing ulcers, revitalizing the creation of bile and calming GI tract spasms
  • It might help decrease fevers
  • For burns (which includes sunburn), use 3 times each day to affected region till healed.
  • For athlete’s foot, use lotion or cream to affected area twice daily till clear.
  • For canker sores, wash mouth 1 tbsp. liquid extract combined with 1/2 cup water or even with cooled tea Three times each day.
  • For cuts as well as scrapes, use ointment or even cream three times each day, bandaging gently if required.
Uses of Calendula
Herbal tea – The dried petals of the flower could be prepared just as one herbal tea and taken internally for the treatment of arteriosclerosis as well as varicose veins, therefore enhancing the circulation of blood. Since calendula tea is well accepted, it may be securely taken like a everyday drink. Two cups each day currently have a precautionary effect. Consuming calendula tea may also eradicate parasites as well as arthritis. Prepare just like normal tea or even refer to the instructions within the package.
Tincture – It’s simple to create a calendula tincture in your own home by simply including 15 grams of fresh petals of the flowers from your garden to 100 milliliters of vodka, allowing it to stand for Ten days, then siphoning it off. However, it’s safer to buy a quality brand tincture at the local health store which warranties the appropriate effectiveness. Calendula tincture, diluted in four parts of water, is extremely useful in creating a compress for open as well as poor healing injuries. You are able to deal with insect stings, mycosis (nail fungus), all the other skin irritations as well as inflammations by frequently dabbing a tincture-soaked cotton wad around the affected region.
Cream – Skin creams within the cosmetic market field now include calendula more frequently than in the past. But you’ll find unique creams having a greater power of calendula for natural skin care within nutrition stores. Even baby creams as well as soaps consist of calendula. If you’d prefer stunning skin, your best choice when it comes to ingredients needs to be calendula cream. It’s additionally good for rough hands as well as finger nails.
Ointment – From the healing perspective, calendula is definitely the queen of all ointments. It’s the most favored of all calendula preparations and it has probably the most persuading outcomes. It is really an extremely flexible medicine and is also great for dealing with wounds, skin cancer, burns as well as bedsores. The cream quickly calms pain, is incredibly simple to apply, and there aren’t any limitations whatsoever to it’s used in terms of tolerability or even unwanted side-effects.
Calendula sap -Calendula sap, which is extracted from the stem, is most respected to be a highly effective callus cleaner. In these instances, Calendula sap is immediately used on calluses, corns as well as warts. Calendula has been proven to assist in preventing dermatitis or even skin inflammation in breast cancer sufferers throughout radiotherapy.
Calendula extract toothpaste -Calendula extract toothpaste have been suggested just as one adjunctive process efficient for the enhancement of gingival inflammation whilst Calendula officinalis might be a possible therapy in cases of inflammation as well as cracking of the lips. Calendula Lotion offers an instant rejuvenating, calming as well as moisturizing impact on chafed, burned, or sensitive skin.
Whenever taken internally, Calendula is considered to boost bile production (to assist the liver), help digestion of food, and reduce unwanted gas. Calendula tea can be used a remedy for nausea, headache, fever and menstrual cramps.
Side effects of calendula. Special Precautions & Warnings:
  • Calendula might be related to deadly lowering of blood glucose levels combined with reduced serum lipids as well as proteins. Therefore individuals along with diabetes, hypoglycemia, drugs, herbal or dietary supplements taken to decrease blood glucose levels need to utilize calendula along with extreme caution.
  • Calendula may possibly reduce blood pressure level, therefore individuals on medicine for high blood pressure and make use of of calendula together might have elevated effects.
  • Calendula might cause sleepiness and when coupled with sedative medicines can lead to elevated drowsiness in the individual.
  • Calendula might also result in atopic dermatitis (skin irritation) as well as eye irritation. Even though it doesn’t have negative effects on uterus as well as sperm morphology, calendula just isn’t suggested in pregnant as well as lactating ladies since it’s safety and also usefulness just isn’t well specified.
  • Calendula needs to be given under medical guidance by way of a health care professional to prevent any kind of health conditions in people.