Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Strengthen and Support Your Immune System

Strengthen and Support Your Immune System

This is the season for sniffles, sneezes and sore throats. Therefore, it is the right time for helping your immune system.
To support it get also into the habit of properly washing your hands. You help so your immune system by eliminating nasty bacteria and viruses.
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                before eating or handling food
         after using the toilet
         after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
         after touching animals or animal waste
         after handling rubbish
         after changing a nappy
         before and after touching a sick or injured person
         before and after visiting a hospital ward (remember alcohol-based hand rubs are also provided)

To strengthen it naturally you can:

Strengthen your thymus gland

It is located behind the middle of the breastbone. Tapping it stimulates it and increases its effectiveness to fight infection. Great natural tip!

Walk outside

You connect so with nature, which is healing. Soak up the beautiful autumn colours and breath in the clean, cool air. Try to get some sunshine if possible. It will give you naturally produced Vitamin D and will boost your mood. When you go out into a windy and cold environment, keep warm and protect yourself with clothing such as gloves and scarf.

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After washing your hair

make sure it is dry before going outside or going to bed

Keep energy up

While exercise is beneficial, avoid exhausting yourself. Be sure to get enough sleep and rest as well.

Avoid smoking and larger amounts of alcohol

Unfortunately smoking will make you more susceptible to infections such as pneumonia and influenza. Too much alcohol dulls more than our wits. It also weakens our immune system.

Avoid prolonged stress and emotional issues

Get into the habit of making to-do lists and write down your ideas before you forget them. Give yourself also treats like pizza or chocolate and think of washing away the day's worries with a relaxing bath or shower. Immerse yourself into a good book or playing a music instrument for fifteen minutes is great too. Also, stroking a cat will calm you and even lower your blood pressure.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found some useful tips in it.  

Wishing you a healthy and great autumn and winter!

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Bruno Cescutti


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