Thursday, 2 February 2017

Ways to eat smart on a tight budget

You really cannot put a price on good health. Bad health comes with medical costs, drugs and even reduced work capacity.

Luckily you do not have to break the bank to eat well.

You could save money by buying cheaper brands than you normally do. There's not always much difference between value and premium ranges. Give it a go and let your taste buds be the judge, not the shiny label.

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Most stores offer generic (own) brands for nearly any product.
All food manufacturers have to follow standards to provide safe food. The generic brands may be the same quality as other national brands, just less expensive.
Shop for produce that is in season. Local produce that is in season is generally cheaper.
Stock up on staples and your favourite products when they are on sale. Just make sure that they will not go bad in the meantime. If you can, it is a great idea to grow your own produce.
Seeds are very cheap to buy. With some time and effort, you may be able to grow your own herbs, sprouts, tomatoes, onions and many more delicious crops.
Try cheap online retailers. There are several online retailers that offer healthy foods for up to 50% cheaper. The products are even delivered straight to your door.
Shop during the “happy hour”. Most supermarkets discount fresh items towards the end of the day. However, with longer opening hours it is a case of finding out just the right time to grab those bargains. If you time it right, the "reduced to clear shelves" can save you big money. Always check use-by dates.

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In general try increasing your use of eggs, beans, seeds, frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains (these all taste great, are cheap - especially in bulk - and very nutritious) and buy cheaper cuts of meat. Slow cooking gradually breaks down the fibres in cheaper cuts, giving great taste at a lower cost. Or use it in soups or stews.
So there are many ways to eat healthy even on a very tight budget.
There is plenty of information out there nowadays.

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Enjoy your meal!

 Bruno Cescutti